The Whizpops are proud to support the National Wildlife Federation’s conservation efforts! 


Official release date is May 20th, 2016 (National Endangered Species Day)

Sea Blue Sea Album Cover Front 2014-1

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award-parentLynne Hefley from Parents Choice writes about “Science and Wonder”:

The Whizpops band imparts an impressive number of facts about the natural sciences in 10 catchy, original songs. A jazzy “Adapt” identifies ways that various creatures survive in specific habitats. “Bugs!” does it with a calypso rhythm (“Some wait 17 years to go through metamorphosis/and the stinkbugs and the bedbugs are notorious”). A melodic urgency informs “Water Cycle” (“Water underground, water in the air, water’s always moving, water cycles everywhere”). “Rainbow Adventure,” a decided highlight, uses humor and an Irish jig bounce to explain the colorful weather phenomenon with the help of a science-minded leprechaun.

Science and Wonder receives Educational Award!

Greetings Whizfans! The Whizpops are the recipient of Creative Child Magazine’s 2013 Educational CD of the Year Award for Science and Wonder! We wanted to share this huge honor with you and encourage you to join us for our upcoming show at the ‘River City Roots Fest’ We will kick off this fantastic festival at […]

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